Tangency Capital

Quota Shares


As reinsurers have a strong network in the industry and a detailed understanding of risks entered into, are experienced claims managers and operate in a more efficient capital framework, we believe that investing side by side these institutions in a diligent manner provides the ability to generate higher risk-adjusted returns in this market.

By providing protection globally, reinsurers operate in a diversified and capital-efficient manner. The risks written by reinsurers are capitalized based on regulatory and rating agency requirements. As it is unlikely that all these global exposures generate losses at the same time, the capital required to back the reinsurance contracts is less than the total exposure underwritten during its operations, thereby creating balance sheet leverage.



Quota shares, the contracts by which we participate in these portfolios, provide investors direct access to the performance of a reinsurance companies’ selection of underlying contracts, earning premium and paying claims on their pro rata percentage. In each investment we make, we are fully aligned with the resident experts in their reinsurance strategy.